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Student Loan Consolidation

Company provides processing and support services to assist consumers who are applying for Federal Student Loan Services through the Department of Education (DOE) Average completion of a Federal Student Loan Relief through the DOE is usually ninety (90) days but may take longer.

Tax Preperation

When it comes to Tax season, Nationwide Consumer Services has you covered. Our tax filing professionals are available throughout the year, ready to help you with tax questions or prepare documents to be filed. Our reliable process ensures that your information is safe and confidential, and options like e-file and direct deposit refund make it easier to get refund money fast.

Credit Improvement Advise

Client can get advice from one of our consultants about how to improe credit score by manging there debt correctly.
Counselor may recommend client a few do-it-yourself credit repair books or may recommend a few nationally known credit repair companies.

Debt Relief

Also known as also known as debt arbitration, debt negotiation or credit settlement, is a process in which the debtor and creditor agree on a reduced balance that will be regarded as payment in full. This service a client generally pays back an estimated rate of 55% of the total balance with the attorney fees included.

Debt Consolidation Loan

This entails taking out one loan to pay off many others. This is often done to secure a lower interest rate, secure a fixed interest rate or for the convenience of servicing only one loan. The new Loan is usually collateralized by an asset such as a house or vehicle. Turning unsecured debt into secured debt is not always the best choice for individuals.

Credit Counseling Programs

These are the programs typically run buy companys that claim to be non-profit organizations that take your unsecured debt and consolidate it into one monthly payment and, hopefully, lower your total monthly payment and your interest rate. Typically, what you’re paying now you will be paying to them, but, there are a few more things you should know about this type of program. If a client chooses this option, they are choosing to send a monthly payment
into the credit counseling firm, and the credit counseling company in turn distributes that payment to the creditors, usually for a period of 5 years.

Helps reduce interest rates

Concerned with a lower monthly payment? Credit counseling attempts to offer lower monthly payment but in most cases payment is usually similar to what they are currently paying. Enrollment is reported to the credit bureaus, which may affect the client’s ability to get a loan. A high percentage of consumers drop out of credit counseling programs because they are difficult to manage. Most credit counseling firms are funded by the creditors, which gives them the incentive to make clients pay as much as possible. This service is a good option for an individual who has the money to pay minimums but is just looking for a lower interest rate and one payment per month to mange all accounts.

Bankruptcy (Chapter 13)

The client is set up on a court approved plan to repay their debts. Court Determines monthly disposable income. Court determines payment distribution to creditors. 65% of people drop out of this payment plan because they cant afford the payments. Impacts clients credit for 7-10 years, Stays on court records for 20 years, Employers have the right to refuse employment to anyone who has filed bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

The client ask the court to erase their debts completely. Client must turn over all their non-exempt property (or its equivalent in cash) to court–appointed trustee, who in turn sells their property to pay back their unsecured creditors. Impacts clients credit for 7-10 years, Stays on court records for 20 years, Employers have the right to refuse employment to anyone who has filed bankruptcy.

Legal Invalidation Program

Operated or monitored by a law firm, these programs objective is to validate, review, and/or dispute the unsecured debt. Client is estimated that the legal services contemplated shall be complete in or about twenty-four (24) months depending on numerous factors.

Local Attorney Representation

This service provides individuals with an attorney service and representation in defense of any action for personal debt collection, tax agency debt collection, and foreclosure defense during loan modification, limit creditor harassment and repossession or garnishment, up to and including trial if necessary. Also provides Consumer protection advise and counsel in the context of debt collection practices relating to FDCPA/TILA consumer
protection defense.

Legal Document Preparation

This service is to help indivduals gather and process necessary court documents in order to assist client in legal
matters nationwide. We do not provide legal advise rather than just assit client in gathering necessary documents for a certain situation. This is usually done by a outsourced experienced trained paralegal.

Business Financing

We can help clients who are business owners take the necessary steps to get approved for a loan through there business. We have knowledge and relationships with multiple finance and loan companies.

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    "Thanks a million for your wisdom and patience. I can't begin to say how appreciative I am of all your help. I haven't experienced being debt free for longer than I care to remember. I can't thank you enough."

    Brenda J.
  • Testimonials


    "Creditors were controlling my life. Every day was a struggle just to pay what was due. There was no chance to get ahead, and I slowly was forgetting what it meant to be living. I can take back my life thanks to Nationwide!"

    Stanley R.
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    "For 5 years I've been in collections because I shared a lease with someone who stopped paying! Nothing worked to get it off my report, but then I got recommended to Nationwide.

    I don't know what kind of voodoo mind trick they used on the creditors, but it's finally GONE! My credit literally went up 50+ points. I'm only mad I didn't seek them out sooner!"

    Maria J.
  • Testimonials


    "Huge thanks to Nationwide for helping me get my credit on point. Credit score went from 630 to 730+ in less than 45 days! Crazy!!!

    I encourage everyone who needs help getting their credit right to hit them up. They definitely know what they are doing. Next thing on my to do list is buy my house. Can't wait!!! Thank you so much!"

    Yesi L.